Wicca Weddings-Wiccan Ceremonies-Pagan Weddings

Wicca weddings, wiccan ceremonies, pagan weddings or pagan commitment ceremonies, no matter how you refer to it, it basically means the same thing, people are in love and wish to affirm it in a ceremony. That Wedding Lady is delighted to provide services to this group and is ready to make your special day (or night) just the way you imagined it. Moreover, we can format your Wiccan and Pagan ceremony in a fashion to meet your needs, or if need someone to help you shape it, I am also happy to do that also.

Here is the list of Wicca and Pagan ceremonies I provide. If you do not see the ceremony here then please reach out to me at (904) 583-6688 and lets talk about your unique needs.

Wicca weddings also called Wiccan weddings
Wicca commitment ceremonies also called Wiccan commitment ceremonies
Wicca vow renewals also called Wiccan vow renewals
Wicca gay weddings also called Wiccan gay weddings
Pagan weddings
Pagan vow renewals
Pagan commitment ceremonies
Pagan gay weddings

My primary territory is in northeast Florida (Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Island) but I am available to travel to other areas at an additional cost.

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