Where Do I Get a Marriage License?

Marriage license locations, directions, tips and plaza photos for Duval County, (greater Jacksonville), St. Johns County (St. Augustine) and Nassau County (Amelia Island) can be found here. Getting a marriage license in  Florida is a fairly easy process. You and your betrothed (straight couples only – Florida does not offer gay marriages) go down to the courthouse. Take valid photo IDS for both of you, $93.50 in cash and if either of you have been married before, the exact date of divorce, death or annulment of any previous marriages. That’s it.

Duval County Clerk of Court

Main Location – Downtown at Courthouse
(904) 255-2000  (Choose option 2 then choose option 3)
501 West Adams Street, Room 2396, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Annex Location – Beach Location
(904) 270-1508
1543 Atlantic Boulevard, Neptune Beach, FL 32266
(This is the actual physical address – Google maps will default to a different address though for the Tax Collector’s office located in the same strip center which is 1523 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32266)

Duval County has two locations, the main one downtown and a second one in an annex location near the beach.

I find the beach location easy to get in and out of and since I’m familiar with it, I have driving instructions and some photos of the plaza below. It’s 2 miles east of Neptune Beach in the Tradewinds Shopping Plaza which is directly opposite Pier One Imports and Atlantic Self Storage. Another landmark is a moving company with a bright blue mural on their building in the same plaza.

From I-295 (the beltway around Jacksonville), take the Atlantic Blvd. exit and go east (towards the ocean). You’ll go about 6 miles then drive over a big bridge (Intracoastal waterway.) Set yourself up so you are in the second lane from the right (the far right lane is an exit only lane.) When you pass that exit, you will now be in the right most lane and start going over a little bridge. When you get to the top of it, turn your right turn blinker on and start slowing down. When you get to the bottom of the little bridge, immediately turn right into the Tradewinds Shopping Plaza. You will see big white letters reading “Duval Clerk of Court.”

Here is a picture of the plaza entrance main sign.

Where do I get a marriage license in Jacksonville Florida?

Get Marriage License in Jacksonville, FL in Duval County at the Beach Annex Location.

Here is a picture of the Clerk of Court sign on the building in the plaza.

Address and Directions to Get a Marriage License in Jacksonville FL

Get Marriage License in Jacksonville, FL in Duval County at the Beach Annex Location – This is a picture of the store front of the Duval Clerk of Court Beach Annex inside the Tradewinds Shopping Plaza.

Map, address and directions to getting a marriage license in Duval County

Get Marriage License in Jacksonville, FL in Duval County at the Beach Annex Location – This is a simple map so you can get an idea of what part of town this location is in.

Nassau County Clerk of Court – Address, Directions and Pictures of Location
76347 Veterans Way, Yulee, FL 32097 (904) 548-4600

Nassau County – Getting married on Amelia Island in Fernandina Beach, you’ll probably be looking to get into the Nassau County courthouse. It’s pretty easy to find. When you exit I-95, go East exactly .6 (six tenths) of a mile (passing the fast food eateries and an expanse of woods) and when you see the tall(ish) sign reading Nassau County Judicial Annex, take a right on William Teague Blvd. Go down about a mile and turn right onto Veterans Way/Nicholas Cuthine Rd., loop left at the roundabout and proceed to courthouse.
*Inside the Courthouse: Go in the main courthouse entrance and through security. Turn right and walk to hallway. Turn left, go down a long hallway til it deadends. Turn left and go down another long hallway and the windows are on the right.

Here is a picture of the sign to look for on SR 200 to make the turn onto William Teague Blvd.
where to get a marriage license in Yulee, FL

Directions and location address for getting a marriage license for Amelia Island, FL, Fernandina Beach, Fl in Nassau County, FL

This is a picture of the Nassau County courthouse.

Where to get a marriage license for Amelia Island, FL

Nassau County Marriage License – Location and Address to get a marriage license for Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, FL

St. Johns County Clerk of Court Address and Directions
4010 Lewis Speedway, St. Augustine, FL 32084
Tel: (904) 819-3600

The Clerk of Court’s suite is only one office that makes up the judicial complex for St. Johns. It also houses the sheriff’s office, the jail, the courthouse and lots of other stuff so it’s a pretty big campus with lots of buildings and signs. Located on US 1 (which is also named Lewis Speedway along this stretch of US1) and is north of St. Augustine proper (historic district, etc.) If you are driving north on US1, the complex will be on the left and there will be a huge expanse of woods on the right. The intersection is very large. You’ll know your there because there will be a lot of sand colored buildings and signs everywhere. Turn left at the light, crossing over the railroad tracks and look to your left. The picture below shows you a sign you will see and behind it, the building you are going to.

marriage license for st augustine


Turn left into the first entrance for this part of the complex and proceed down the mini service road looping you around the parking lot. Take your first right then another immediate right (a U turn really) and drive through the parking lot back towards the direction you just came from.

This is a picture of a little sign you will see when you turn off the service road and into the parking lot directing you back towards the front.

marriage license st johns county location and tipsWhen you get back up front, park anywhere. The marriage license office is the building facing front.

Here is a picture of the actual building.

st john clerk of court photo

General Information about Marriage Licenses Below

You can get a license from any courthouse in Florida and use it anywhere in the state. You do not have to get married in the county where you get the license. Here is the link to the page on my site with links to the courthouses most folks in northeast Florida go to.

This is a FAQ page designed to answer the specific question of Where Do I Get a Marriage License. To jump to the main FAQs page, click this link. To go to the main page on this website with all the details for marriage licenses including links to all the courthouses, please visit my main Marriage License page by clicking this link.