What names do you use in the ceremony script?

On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. Your parents may have adored the name Prunella Louise Carthcat but every time you hear, you cringe.

Whether you go by Pru, Prunella or Nella, it’s your wedding ceremony and you get to decide what names will be used.

In parts of the ceremony, I refer to you by your “every day” name and in others I use the more formal version of it. For example your name is Prunella but the only person who calls you that is your grandma. Most folks just call you “Pru.” During parts of the service I would just refer to you by your colloquial name of Pru and then in the vow taking where we use the formal version, you tell me what you want that to be. Ditto on the keepsake certificate.

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