Eco Friendly Confetti-Beach Weddings

Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, green weddings are popular as folks choose better sustainability options. This eco-friendly confetti is an excellent choice for guests to throw after the big kiss.

Biodegradable Wedding Confetti is Safe for the Environment

Made from fully recycled, compostable material, this wedding confetti completely dissipates in water. It is FSC, PEFC and SFI certified and meets the highest standards for environmental safety. It’s also acid free, has a neutral PH balance and has is colorfast so it won’t stain clothes. Plus it’s available in tons of colors so you can match it to your wedding palette.

Perfect Beach Wedding Decor

Florida beaches need your help. Never throw anything on the beach that you can’t pick up and throw away. This includes flowers (pesticides=bad) or silk flowers (not biodegradable) or risk getting a ticket, or worse yet, people on the beach sticking their nose into your ceremony to complain.

Lavender & Gold Beach safe confetti

Lavender & Gold Beach safe confetti

Wedding confetti that dissolves

Teal Environmentally Friendly Confetti

Ivory Eco Friendly Wedding Confetti

Rose & Gold Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Rose & Gold Eco Friendly Confetti

Green Weddings Confetti-peach and gold color

Peach & Gold Beach Wedding Confetti

Green Weddings Confetti-blush and gold color

Blush & Gold Beach Wedding Confetti

Gold Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Beach Safe Wedding Confetti

Red Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Mixed colors biodegradable confetti

Silver metallic eco safe confetti

Red & Gold Beach friendly wedding confetti

SPF Wedding Makeup Powder for Flash Photography

Best wedding makeup for flash photography with a high SPF for outdoor weddings at the beach…!

Your outdoor wedding day or commitment ceremony needs a finishing touch and you’ll find it with this mineral powder sunblock by Mineral Fusion.

Protect your face with UVA sun block protection

Public Domain Photo


Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Traditional sunblock is greasy and doesn’t work well with makeup, it makes you cry like 10 year old when you get it in your eye and reduces mascara to a watery black mess. Exactly  the small detail that can distract you and take away from your special day.

I stumbled across this in a store and it quickly became my favorite wedding day makeup. Apply this high SPF mineral powder sunscreen and you get a double benefit. It protects you from the sun at your beach wedding AND it gives you a nice matte finish as your final touch. A matte finish is incredibly important for your flash photography session post ceremony to even out your skin tones.

You can buy it online here. I highly recommend it. Mineral Fusion Brush-On Sun Defense SPF 30

To see more wedding makeup ideas, visit this post.

To read a full overview of all sunblock options (lips, face, other stuff), pop over to this link and check it out.

Filthy Rich – Wedding Accessories, Wedding Gifts, and So Much More

Every bride I serve has a different vision for her wedding day. This article evolved after many requests for assistance in locating key bridal accessories such as costume (also called reproduction) jewelry, accessories or gifts completing the bride’s carefully      constructed vision.

Filthy Rich Store St Augustine

Wedding Jewelry Ideas for Everyone – Who Should Read This Article?

  • If you’re seeking a piece of statement jewelry outrageously gorgeous to complete your wedding ensemble…..
  • If you want to look like you paid huge money for your gorgeous wedding accessories but really didn’t…….
  • If you’re a fan of movies, Golden Era or modern/contemporary celebrities or otherwise…
  • If you want to buy your soon to be mother-in-law a gift that will knock her socks off and finally get that scowl off her face….
  • If you want to give your almost husband a wedding gift singular in design and taste…..

costume jewelry for weddings and engagements

Filthy Rich serves up delightful jewels and accessories so splendid that to call them costume jewelry is like calling Wolfgang Puck a kitchen jockey. These are fabulous and AFFORDABLE reproductions of jewelry owned by film stars and popular celebrities both from yesterday and today. Whether your personal style drifts towards the Golden era of Hollywood (Must-See: Marilyn Monroe Eternity Band) or are inspired by a new generation of celebrity (Must-See: Sienna Miller Ribbon Ring), you’ll enjoy a wide range of options with surely some of them speaking directly to you.

 bride costume jewelry brooch pinWhy Choose a Reproduction?

Okay let’s face it? Most of us mortals can’t afford the real deal, and honestly, even if we could, when realistically would we be able to wear it again except for very special occasions. Even Jackie Kennedy didn’t do that. Did you know that she had all her uber expensive jewelry recreated as reproductions so she could wear them whenever she wanted without having to worry about losing or damaging them? Moreover when Tiffany’s was creating the reproductions they used exactly the same raw materials as what you’ll find in Filthy Rich. Yup! These are no ordinary baubles you buy at a department store, wear twice and then suffer the green finger consequences of cheap plating. Filthy Rich uses top end processes and raw materials like Rhodium to create their jewels giving you a long lasting finish so you can cherish your beautiful piece ad infinitum.

Men's wedding accessoriesWhat I truly loved about the Filthy Rich shop though was the people behind the counter. Not only were they knowledgeable about their products (the history behind the piece, their fantastic warranty, ability to suggest matching pieces,) they were invested in your vision and making it come true, hearing your ideas then catalyzing them into tangible solutions that really capture exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

Wedding Jewelry store Filthy Rich, makers and sellers of quality reproduction jewelry for weddingsThe Collections, The Ideas, The Services

  • Bachelorette parties – work with them to plan your event. Start your night at Filthy Rich with all your girls in one place so you can finalize your ensemble then head out for the next adventure.
  • They help you style your wedding look after your favorite celebrity pulling from their “Inspired By” series.
  • Huge variety of Golden Era (Old Hollywood) stars including reproductions from movies like Roman Holiday, Gone with the Wind,etc.
  • Contemporary celebrity reproductions
  • Bridal series collections that includes engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, cuff links, tie tacks – many items with matching or complimentary pieces.
  • Elvis collection – they work directly with Elvis’ long time jeweler to create direct reproductions from his jewelry collection.
  • Style your wedding ensemble to match a color scheme or theme (Gatsby theme aficionados will drool over the pieces to match this leitmotif.
  • Jackie Kennedy collection – licensed by the Kennedy Foundation, Filthy Rich joins only a handful of organizations in the US allowed to reproduce her signature jewelry and these two stores in St. Augustine are the only providers in St. Johns county authorized to sell her collection.
  • A short list of other film star collections you’ll find are: Marilyn Monroe collection, Veronica Lake Collection, Vivien Leigh Collection, and still a wider range includes licensed collections from films such as Twilight, True Blood and Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Shopping options: Stop by either store for personalized assistance or shop directly within their Facebook page (Filthy Rich of St. Augustine.)
  • Setting up special surprise events – they recently set up a proposal scenario for a fellow to pop the question in the store. The bride stumbled across her own photo next an engagement ring displayed in the case.
  • Great Hollywood collectibles like actual framed celluloid cells from movies, action figures and the like.
  • Tiaras to fit every style (okay maybe not Lady Gaga but just about everybody else.)

Filthy Rich – Quality Reproduction Jewelry, Accessories and Memorabilia

41-B King Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084

84 Charlotte Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084

**Special thanks extended to Dan McBride, owner and the incomparable, Ana Rosa for educating me about their products and services so I could write this article.

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Wedding Harlem Shake

Being a wedding officiant in Jacksonville, FL is a really fun job. This past Saturday, after I made the wedding announcement, the bridal party, brides and myself surprised the guests by doing the Harlem Shake.

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3 Wedding Cake Alternatives

There are so many cute ideas I see at ceremonies I perform. A growing trend is individual treats rather than one large or multi tiered traditional cakes. Here are three example ideas of alternative desserts to serve at your event.

Wedding Cake Pops

Wedding Cake Pops

Wedding Cookies Tower

Wedding Cookies Tower

Wedding Cake Shooter Cups

Wedding Cake Shooter Cups

Check out this three tier cake pop display I found on Amazon in white. It’s perfect!

Flower Girls & Ringbearers – How Young is Too Young for Weddings?

Flower girls and ringbearers can be so cute in weddings (in a perfect world.) How young is too young is a question I’m never asked but inevitably faced with the consequences of. Most brides tell me “it is what it is and that’s okay with me,” yet really have no idea of what “it” means. My guess is they imagine some adorable shenanigans that will be immortalized in photos or videos of the wedding.

The reality is pretty far from that actually.

flower girls, ring bearers and other little brats

Kids under the age 8 are the great unknown and, quite honestly, can ruin your wedding or at the very least, totally detract from your magical moment. Kids over 8 do a decent job and if there is going to be a cute, catch it on film moment, this group that will provide it.

Here’s what to expect from younger tykes: (actual stories from weddings I’ve performed)

o   Annabeth is a 3 year old flower girl and looks amazing and precious and cute as a button on Stephanie’s wedding day. She immediately precedes the bride and is supposed to walk daintily throwing flower petals on the ground for Stephanie to stride upon. Instead she appears to be shot out of a cannon as she rockets to the front where her mom is waiting as one of the bridesmaids whereupon she starts crying and clinging to her mother’s gown. Everyone starts laughing. It is cute (for about 5 seconds.) As Stephanie is escorted to the front by her brother (and the flower girl’s father,) Annabeth ramps up her crying until it becomes a shrieking that is just below the decibel that only dogs can hear. Unfortunately for us, we can still hear her. By the time the flower girl’s father reaches the front with an increasingly distraught bride, the flower girl is now jumping up and down in the middle of the ceremony screaming, “I have to poo poo. I have to poo poo.” I’ve no choice but to begin the ceremony as neither the child’s mother nor father are able to come corral her since they are both in the wedding party. My opening statement is lost in the shrieks of the fecally challenged toddler, the bride is crying and the audience looks uncomfortable. Mom and dad of kid look like they want to crawl under a table. I immediately change my order of the ceremony so I can get to the “Who gives this bride question” that dad may give his answer and take the little monster….er…..darling away.

o Bradley is a 5 year old ringbearer who is the spitting image of his dad and totally adorable in his tiny matching outfit. Unfortunately for the bridal party who have not listened to Bradley’s repeated proclamations that he does not want to be a ringbearer, they are now faced with a sullen faced Bradley. Everyone from mom, dad, grandma, uncle bob and barney the purple dinosaur have tried to cajole, bribe, threaten, sweet talk little Bradley into performing his part gracefully who is having none of it. The ceremony starts. Everyone looks beautiful. The music is lovely. The temperature spot on. The wedding party makes it way forward to the dais. All eyes are on Bradley as he takes three steps….stops….takes another step….stops….then promptly throws the rings into the creek below the bridge we are standing on and runs away. You can imagine the rest….. A ceremony completely halted. A state of disarray. Plans ruined.

o This next story involves neither flower girls nor ringbearers. Instead it touches on a family who have invited treasured family members to sit in the front row on their special wedding day. However, with forethought withheld it seems, the family members are all parents to babies ranging from very new to one year……five babies to be exact. Prior to the ceremony both bride and groom have separately told me that if a baby cries, it’s no big deal. Who could have expected that all five babies would beging crying at top volume simultaneously? Moreover the parents simply sat there instead of removing the crying babies. Not only was every word of the ceremony lost as neither the audience, the wedding party or anyone else on Earth heard them but the bride and groom were so distracted by the outcome that neither was able to pay attention to the ceremony and kept glancing at the babies. I literally had to constantly reach out and touch them on the arm to get their attention back on the wedding.

As a wedding officiant, I am one part officiant, one part unplanned wedding planner and one part solver of problems. There have been times when I’ve had to take a time out during a ceremony to solve a problem, ie., helicopters buzzing the beach during vows requiring before continuing, music snafus throwing off cues mean quick adjustments, dads who are clearly about to faint to suggestions they take their seat prematurely. It requires a nimbleness and ability to quickly resolve a wedding blip before it can become a problem.

Children however are so incredibly mecurial, so unpredicatable that very often, we are simply forced to endure the outcome. Any resolution we might be able to come up with is as equally unpalatable and distracting as whatever behavior they are exhibiting.

Thus I provide this humble advice from a wedding lady who has not yet seen it all but has seen a whoooooooooole lot……no kids in the wedding party under the age of 8. (And baby free weddings are the smartest bet.)


15 Makeup Tricks for Better Photos

Take my word for it as a wedding officiant in Jacksonville, FL and amateur photographer, getting photos to actually come out the same as what the eye sees is hard. Really hard. So many things impact the final image from lighting to makeup, from time of day to the setting in which the wedding photo was taken. Below you will find a line item laundry list of getting better wedding photos and other pictures in general.

Wedding ceremonies - best makeup tips for photography

Wedding Makeup Tips

  1. Apply eyeshadow first before your foundation.
  2. Line the upper inner rim of your eye.
  3. Use tons of mascara – tip: blink down on wand to get it as close to eye as possible then wiggle the wand upward to coat the whole thing.
  4. Use a sheer foundation.
  5. Put foundation on ears.
  6. Skip the shimmer on the inner edges of eyelids (the V area closest to nose) and use a concealer there instead.
  7. Contour face with a blush brush.
  8. Use a slightly darker blush than normal so your cheekbones really pop.
  9. Fill in your brows.
  10. Moisten your lips with a shiny lip balm or lip gloss.
  11. Smile but not too big.
  12. Take pictures earlier or later in the day. Never at midday.
  13. Elevate your camera at a slightly tilted angle.
  14. Taking selfies? Let the tallest person hold the camera.
  15. Use a highlighting creme and apply a light thin line to bridge of nose and at the very tip of the nose.

This Grandlash mascara is guaranteed not to run and is the #1 bestseller on Amazon with over 1500 reviews.

To see the best SPF wedding makeup sunscreen (and it’s a mineral powder too!), visit this link.