Beaded Wedding Dress Weighs 400 Lbs

There’s beaded wedding dresses and then there’s this dress….

400 lb beaded  wedding dress

400 lb beaded wedding dress

Obviously made for Superman’s fiance, this 400 lb masterpiece is a stunning display of both beauty and ostentation. Imagine putting this baby on…you’d have to do it right there in front of the audience since you wouldn’t be able to move once you got it on. Unless, of course, you really are Superman’s fiance.

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Free Dresses for Brides

Check out this program for free dresses for brides who are either in the military or engaged to someone who serves. Brides Across America is a organization that acquires new dresses from bridal salons across America to give to military families on tight budgets.

Brides Across America - serving our military

Here is some text from their website:

“Brides Across America was born on a realization that our country needs to do more to support our troops and their families. Bringing bridal and military together is a marriage made in heaven!  Bridal salons are uniting across America by giving away wedding gowns to military brides to honor our troops and say thank you for serving.

The wedding industry is making a difference and giving brides to be the opportunity to find the wedding gown of their dreams as well as alleviating  financial stress of purchasing a wedding gown.  Brides Across America is a national 5013c charitable organization.”

Here is the link to their website:  Brides Across America

Classic Wedding Dress Affordable and Beautiful

H & M is releasing a gorgeous wedding dress with Grecian styling at a very affordable $99 price point. Cool, sleek and classy that would look great walking down an aisle or gently flowing around you in a beach setting.

Cheap or affordable, whatever you call it, it's still gorgeous.

Cool and elegant wedding dress