Wedding Rehearsal Planning Tip

On rehearsal planning, an increasingly popular concept with the brides I serve is doing the rehearsal earlier in the day instead of having rehearsal dinners. There are a couple of reasons for this.

That Wedding Lady, Award Winning Wedding Officiant

Many brides do the rehearsal at 11:00 AM then everyone goes for lunch after. By getting the rehearsal done early, the lunch done early, it gives the bride the rest of the day to finish up necessary activities. Don’t underestimate the importance of these last few hours before wedding day. No matter how well planned or executed your last couple of days, there WILL be one million things you’ll need to attend to. Having this evening free to tackle them can be hugely helpful.

Even if you have one or two stragglers in the wedding party who haven’t arrived in time for an 11 AM rehearsal, we can still block and tackle everything then give the latecomers some instructions the next day.

The other reason is many venues allow you time to rehearse on site on THEIR timetable. They usually won’t be able to give you this timing until pretty close to your event (for all kinds of reasons) making your pre-planning tricky, and if they book an event on rehearsal evening, you may not get to rehearse at the time you hoped you could.

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