Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your wedding day is meant to be perfect. Here is a list of items I’ve compiled that comprise your Best Wedding Day Emergency Kit. If you have an item you think that belongs on this list, send me an email at and let me know about it.

Save this list as a file to your computer by clicking this link. Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Blank post it notes
Bobby pins
Breath mints
Clear nail polish
Corsage pins
Dental floss

Deodorant – make sure it’s the invisible kind
Drinking straws
Doublesided tape/Fashion tape
Dryer sheets
(from your laundry) – the perfect static remover ever
Earring backs
Extra wedding bands
Hair spray
Hair brush
Hand lotion
Lint remover
Nail files/emery boards
Nail polish remover
Pantyliners – Walgreen’s make a super thin brand. Wearing a thong? They now make a panty liner specifically for thongs.
Pain reliever
Safety pins!!
Sewing kit – needle, straight pins, threader, black thread, white thread
Small mirror
Stain remover
Super glue
Tissues and Napkins – Kleenex for tears, Starbucks napkins for blotting shine off your face (they’re amazing!)
Travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste

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