Vow Renewals Ceremony Sample, Husband and Wife

Renewing your wedding vows can be a poignant and tender as any wedding ceremony. As ‘That Wedding Lady’ I sometimes find these vow renewal ceremonies are truly the ones that brings tears to my eyes. Periodically the ceremony party is larger but, more often, these vow renewal ceremonies are smaller and more intimate, and usually very touching. Understand that this is merely a template from which we work to craft a unique ceremony that speaks to you. Any or all of the words may be changed to fit your individual tastes.

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Vow Renewal Ceremony Opening Statement Sample, Husband and Wife

So Comes the Renaissance

We have come here together today to perform a renaissance for the union of Paul and Christine as they renew their marriage vows. In these uncertain times, your love for each other is a constant reminder that commitment and devotion are truly everlasting themes. Called forth from a wellspring deep within, you have surely weathered the storms of time and tide bringing both tears and laughter into your lives.

Some time ago you made beautiful promises to each other. Those magic words bound you together and shaped the life you shared. It is with thoughtfulness and a deep realization of your commitment to each other that you stand here today to make a new declaration of love and loyalty.