The Nutshell Version

Here is a short overview explaining what I do as a wedding officiant for wedding ceremonies, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies.

About 2-3 weeks prior to your date, we work together to create a ceremony script for your service that resonates with your unique characteristics as a couple. You complete an intake form that helps me do this..

Packages with rehearsal (wedding or otherwise,) mean I come to your location (usually the day before but not always) so we can accomplish a couple of things. If this is a wedding, I validate your photos IDs and collect the
marriage license
from you. For all other types of ceremonies I perform, we do not do this part. Next we work on blocking and tackling the ceremony: where everyone stands, what order the wedding party comes down the aisle, stop and pose points for the photographers, cues for your responses…all those little details that need to be locked down. Know that many of my weddings don’t have a rehearsal and that’s all right too. It all works out beautifully.

-If your package included a rehearsal, any paperwork that needed to be done has already been completed. I will arrive about 20 minutes early.

-If your package did not include a rehearsal and you are a man and woman I am marrying, I arrive about 30 minutes early to do the paperwork and collect the marriage license.

While you are completing your final getting ready, I connect with any vendors (DJ, photographers) to go over any items we need to discuss, i.e., music cues, stop and pose points, etc.

Game time – the big moment has arrived and I perform your ceremony as planned.

I typically make my exit right away. It’s your day and I understand the importance of your intimate family and friend time. I usually make my goodbyes before the ceremony. If I have collected a marriage license from you, I file it immediately after your wedding with the Clerk of Court and once the State of Florida has recorded it, they send you your copy (you usually get it within 7-10 days.)