Sample Vows

Wedding Officiant Jacksonville FL is a local wedding officiant service in Jacksonville, FL. Take a peek at my wedding ceremony format and sample vows to help you shape the ceremony. Every ceremony is customized to you as an unique couple but there is a flow I tend to follow.

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Wedding Ceremony Format

Section 1: Opening Statement

A highly customized section where I weave the tale of the bride and groom together which nearly always results in tears (usually the bride’s mom and also a surprising number of grooms get teary-eyed here.) Everyone has a gift.My greatest talent is the writing and the telling of tales combined with a gift for oratory. This is a powerful section usually and sets the tone for the ceremony.

Section 2: (Optional) Giving the Bride Away

Section 3: (Optional) Sand Pouring Ceremony or Other Unity Type Service

Section 4: Vow Taking

If you are doing handwritten vows or wish to have a spoken sentiment section then I start with the groom, allow him time to speak vows which I follow by taking him through my vows. Once I’ve finished with the groom, it’s the bride’s turn. She speaks her special words then I take her through my set of vows.

Section 5: Exchange of Rings

Section 6: (optional) Guest readings, poems, etc.

This can be just about anything you want. Normally I read a lovely poem here after asking the bride and groom to hold hands and look at the gifts they have just given each other. It’s a nice short moment of reflection for the audience right before the big moment.

Section 6: Pronouncement of Marriage

Section 7: First Introduction of New Couple

Samples of Various Ceremonies I’ve Written and Delivered

Sample 1: “It was fortune at its best moment reaching into your lives lived in the splendor of South Florida, for amid the palm trees and sand, the wet heat in the air like a great passion rising up, undeniable, unquenchable, Brad and Kelly fell head over heels in love.Lovestruck virtually from the moment her cousin insisted they meet. It mattered little that Brad’s vocation meant moving to a new city. Their love couldn’t be denied. They REFUSED to be denied. That this moment was set in motion long ago leading us to today is a dim reminder that love clings to no rules. It is as mercurial as the water that laps against the shore.”

Sample 2: “Who could’ve imagined that this man so sturdy and stoic would’ve been so captivated by this woman, gregarious, bubbly and possessing a wide-eyed wonder for the world. From the moment you met on the sweetest of days, Valentine’s Day, it was meant for this moment to arrive. That Caroline’s life-embracing, take no prisoners approach would mean she saw something so special, so bright, so fundamentally touching in Austin, that she would reach out to him with both arms, and into them he would come.”

Sample 3: “We have come here together for Hugh and Lorraine’s vow renewal ceremony to perform a renaissance of their union as they renew their marriage vows. In these uncertain times, their love for each other is a constant reminder that commitment and devotion are truly everlasting themes. Called forth from a wellspring deep within, they have surely weathered the storms of time and tide bringing both tears and laughter into their lives. By having the courage to share their lives openly, they inspire each other, their families and all who’s lives they touch.”