Same Sex Commitment Ceremonies

Gay weddings, lesbian weddings, transgender, LGBT or same sex alternative lifestyle commitment ceremonies and unions in the local Jacksonville, FL area are a service I happily provide.

Gay Weddings – The 1st gay marriage happened today at 2:30 PM in Miami Dade county, FL. All other counties start issuing licenses tomorrow morning, January 6, 2015. This website will be updated shortly to change the information on my gay pages as much of the details below and on other pages is now obsolete. Until then, gay clients should review the “marriages between men and women” page for the most accurate information about my services. HOORAY!!!

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“I genuinely believe that Americans are going through a fabulously exciting time where all kinds of views are being expressed on the issue of gay marriage. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you sit on, the most important thing is we are talking about it. Only in discussion can we find the answers.” – Rachel

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Until Florida sees the light, this essentially means you have a symbolic wedding or marriage which is referred to as a commitment ceremony. You can stand up before your friends and family and say to the world, this is the person I take as my partner.

Your beautiful wedding is crafted with the same diligence, creativity and forethought as any I perform with all the bells and whistles you are longing for. The single difference between a gay wedding or lesbian wedding is I don’t file any legal paperwork after the wedding. Your package comes with a beautiful commemorative certificate to proudly hang on a wall in

Some couples deepen their bond by executing legal documents that serve as their declared wishes and give authority to their respective partners. These are important things that gay clients need to seriously consider creating. I cannot encourage you enough to explore which ones are right for you. The Advanced Healthcare Directive though should be considered a must for ALL clients I serve so please take a look at creating these. You would complete the forms and provide to me for notarizing immediately before your ceremony. Furthermore, there is a separate but minimal additional cost for me to notarize these documents which are not included in your ceremony fee. View Recommended Documents for Gay Clients.

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