Marriage License Florida

Get a Marriage License in Florida

Here is what you need to get a marriage license in Florida:

  1. Valid photo IDs for each person
  2. $93.50
  3. If either has been married before, you must TELL them the exact date of how it resolved, eg, divorce, death

That’s it. That’s all you need. No papers. No witnesses. No blood test. JUST these three things above.

You will walk in, fill out the form, give them the items above. They will ask you if you read the 10 page pamphlet they require you to read asking you if you are sure you are ready to get married. If you say no, they will hand it to you and make you read it before they will issue you the license. If you say yes, they check off that box and finish issuing the license. You will walk out the door with the license.

If you’re a Florida resident you have to wait a mandatory 3 day period before the license can be used. If you’re not a Florida resident, you can use the license immediately. (There will be a box on the license that reads “Effective Date” which is what every officiant looks to make sure they can do the wedding. It should be on or before your wedding date.)

Directions, Addresses and Locations of Marriage License Bureaus

BEST – Click this link to my main page for Marriage License Locations including address, driving directions, and pictures of the location, signs and other helpful landmarks.

Click this link to go directly to the main Duval County Marriage License page.
Click this link to go directly to the St. John’s Marriage License page.
Click this link to go directly to the Nassau County Marriage License page.
Click this link to see the list of all county offices where you can apply for a marriage license in person. If you want to get married in a particular city and need to locate the courthouse but aren’t sure what county it is, go to this link.


  • I file the license for you after the ceremony. About 7 days after that,  you receive the completed license in your mailbox from the State of Florida (Outside Florida? It will be 2-3 days extra shipping time.)
  • The license is valid for 60 days from the issue date and your ceremony must be conducted within this time period.
  • Florida does not require any health exams or blood tests to get married.
  • You do not need a witness to apply for a wedding license.
  • There is no residence or citizenship status requirement to apply.
  • If either party has ever been married before, you HAVE to provide the exact date, of how it ended. You only have to tell them. You do not have to show them any paperwork.
  • You must provide the officiant with a marriage license him/her to marry you. The cost of this license is NOT included in my service to you. You must go get this license and present it to me for me to do your wedding.
  • You can only get married in Florida with a Florida marriage license. Licenses from other states or countries cannot be used. Valid Florida marriages are recorded in the official State of Florida record which is why you must them to do this via the marriage license fee.
  • The question they ask you about whether you’ve read the 10 page booklet asking you if you’re sure you want to get married is something new, and according the Clerk I spoke with is an attempt to reduce divorce.

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