Wedding Rehearsal Planning Tip

On rehearsal planning, an increasingly popular concept with the brides I serve is doing the rehearsal earlier in the day instead of having rehearsal dinners. There are a couple of reasons for this.

That Wedding Lady, Award Winning Wedding Officiant

Many brides do the rehearsal at 11:00 AM then everyone goes for lunch after. By getting the rehearsal done early, the lunch done early, it gives the bride the rest of the day to finish up necessary activities. Don’t underestimate the importance of these last few hours before wedding day. No matter how well planned or executed your last couple of days, there WILL be one million things you’ll need to attend to. Having this evening free to tackle them can be hugely helpful.

Even if you have one or two stragglers in the wedding party who haven’t arrived in time for an 11 AM rehearsal, we can still block and tackle everything then give the latecomers some instructions the next day.

The other reason is many venues allow you time to rehearse on site on THEIR timetable. They usually won’t be able to give you this timing until pretty close to your event (for all kinds of reasons) making your pre-planning tricky, and if they book an event on rehearsal evening, you may not get to rehearse at the time you hoped you could.

Beach Wedding Happiness

Beach wedding ceremonies are such a joy to perform. What could be better than a cute beach wedding arch resplendent with seashell adornments and sounds of waves crashing in the background?

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Conch shells and orchids

Conch shells, orchids and starfish adorned this beach theme wedding at the seaside. These were the table centerpieces.

Wedding arch for beach

Wedding arch on the beach decorated with seashells is oh-so-adorable for your romantic seashore wedding.

That Wedding Lady Beach Wedding

That Wedding Lady getting ready to perform a beach wedding ceremony in St. Augustine, FL.

Benches and wedding arch set up on the beach.

Beach wedding arch with pews

Beach wedding arch with pews all set up on the beach waiting for its bride and groom.

Seaside wedding arch

Beach wedding arch also called a pergola.

A beach wedding arch which has no arch is actually called a “pergola.”

Beach Wedding Arch

Pergola Wedding Arch with Seashells

Beach wedding arch or a pergola wedding arch all decorated with seashells for a creative and unique look.

Wedding arch on the beach - close up of shell decorations.

Wedding arch on the beach – close up of shell decorations.

The beach wedding arch closeup detail with seashell decorations.

Sand Pouring Unity for Beach Weddings

Sand Pouring Unity at Your Beach Wedding

This is a photo of the beach wedding sand pouring unity after the ceremony.

Cute decoration for beach weddings

Beach wedding decoration tip

Cute beach wedding decorations

Chautauqua Beach House

Chautauqua Beach House, St. Augustine Beach, FL was host to the bride and groom over the weekend and where the reception was held.

Chautauqau Beach House, St. Augustine, FL is a beach home rental so once I’ve obtained the contact info for them from the bride I will put them here.

The Chautauqua Beach House was a fantastic location in St. Augustine. You could view the beach wedding ceremony location 150 yards away down on the beach from the porch. This was very convenient for timing since caterers and DJs can keep visual tabs on client progress and execute tasks based on what they see. The parking was a tough situation though. You’re best bet will be to tell guests to park one block west of A1A and walk over. (Seriously…you will be thankful I gave you this tip. Parking was a problem.)

Seashells and orchids were the table decorations at this beach wedding.

Cute beach wedding reception table decorations

A closer look at the tables. Client rented tables, chairs and benches which were  delivered and set up.