SPF Wedding Makeup Powder for Flash Photography

Best wedding makeup for flash photography with a high SPF for outdoor weddings at the beach…!

Your outdoor wedding day or commitment ceremony needs a finishing touch and you’ll find it with this mineral powder sunblock by Mineral Fusion.

Protect your face with UVA sun block protection

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Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Traditional sunblock is greasy and doesn’t work well with makeup, it makes you cry like 10 year old when you get it in your eye and reduces mascara to a watery black mess. Exactly  the small detail that can distract you and take away from your special day.

I stumbled across this in a store and it quickly became my favorite wedding day makeup. Apply this high SPF mineral powder sunscreen and you get a double benefit. It protects you from the sun at your beach wedding AND it gives you a nice matte finish as your final touch. A matte finish is incredibly important for your flash photography session post ceremony to even out your skin tones.

You can buy it online here. I highly recommend it. Mineral Fusion Brush-On Sun Defense SPF 30

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15 Makeup Tricks for Better Photos

Take my word for it as a wedding officiant in Jacksonville, FL and amateur photographer, getting photos to actually come out the same as what the eye sees is hard. Really hard. So many things impact the final image from lighting to makeup, from time of day to the setting in which the wedding photo was taken. Below you will find a line item laundry list of getting better wedding photos and other pictures in general.

Wedding ceremonies - best makeup tips for photography

Wedding Makeup Tips

  1. Apply eyeshadow first before your foundation.
  2. Line the upper inner rim of your eye.
  3. Use tons of mascara – tip: blink down on wand to get it as close to eye as possible then wiggle the wand upward to coat the whole thing.
  4. Use a sheer foundation.
  5. Put foundation on ears.
  6. Skip the shimmer on the inner edges of eyelids (the V area closest to nose) and use a concealer there instead.
  7. Contour face with a blush brush.
  8. Use a slightly darker blush than normal so your cheekbones really pop.
  9. Fill in your brows.
  10. Moisten your lips with a shiny lip balm or lip gloss.
  11. Smile but not too big.
  12. Take pictures earlier or later in the day. Never at midday.
  13. Elevate your camera at a slightly tilted angle.
  14. Taking selfies? Let the tallest person hold the camera.
  15. Use a highlighting creme and apply a light thin line to bridge of nose and at the very tip of the nose.

This Grandlash mascara is guaranteed not to run and is the #1 bestseller on Amazon with over 1500 reviews.

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