Eco Friendly Confetti-Beach Weddings

Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, green weddings are popular as folks choose better sustainability options. This eco-friendly confetti is an excellent choice for guests to throw after the big kiss.

Biodegradable Wedding Confetti is Safe for the Environment

Made from fully recycled, compostable material, this wedding confetti completely dissipates in water. It is FSC, PEFC and SFI certified and meets the highest standards for environmental safety. It’s also acid free, has a neutral PH balance and has is colorfast so it won’t stain clothes. Plus it’s available in tons of colors so you can match it to your wedding palette.

Perfect Beach Wedding Decor

Florida beaches need your help. Never throw anything on the beach that you can’t pick up and throw away. This includes flowers (pesticides=bad) or silk flowers (not biodegradable) or risk getting a ticket, or worse yet, people on the beach sticking their nose into your ceremony to complain.

Lavender & Gold Beach safe confetti

Lavender & Gold Beach safe confetti

Wedding confetti that dissolves

Teal Environmentally Friendly Confetti

Ivory Eco Friendly Wedding Confetti

Rose & Gold Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Rose & Gold Eco Friendly Confetti

Green Weddings Confetti-peach and gold color

Peach & Gold Beach Wedding Confetti

Green Weddings Confetti-blush and gold color

Blush & Gold Beach Wedding Confetti

Gold Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Beach Safe Wedding Confetti

Red Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Mixed colors biodegradable confetti

Silver metallic eco safe confetti

Red & Gold Beach friendly wedding confetti