How Do I Get a Marriage License in Florida?

Getting a marriage license in Florida is easy. Read this FAQ page for the short answer then visit the link to see details on obtaining yours.

How do I get a Marriage License in Florida? The Details

It’s actually a very simple process. Both of you must go to the courthouse (called the Clerk of Court) where you must show valid photos IDs. You must also have $93.50 in cash to pay for it. If either of you has ever been divorced, you will need the EXACT date of the divorce(s) to provide to the Clerk. They issue the license right then and there. You walk out of the courthouse with it.

Florida for some odd reason punishes Floridians by making them wait 3 days to use the license. And they calculate it a weird way too. If you get the license on a Monday then you wait Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and you can get married on Friday.

If you are not a Florida resident, you can use the license instantly.

Marriage licenses in Florida is a master page in another location on this website. You have reached a FAQs page generally answering the question, “How Do I Get a Marriage License in Florida.”  To travel to the main marriage license page for Florida with all the pertinent details including links to the courthouses, click this link.