Gay Weddings in Florida – The Day is Coming!

The day is coming my friends when Florida lawmakers will no longer be able to dictate whom can marry whom. Whether Florida goes kicking and screaming like an tantrummy 3 year old, or somehow manages to salvage some grace and class by making this change without all the anticipated ugliness the issue ignites remains to be seen. My guess is the first option is most likely. Scroll down to read further op-ed.

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Florida Same Sex Commitment Ceremony

Pride! Not gay. Not straight. Not anything else. Just pride….in who we are and the people we love.

Florida’s southern contingent, infinitely more tolerant and embracing the live and let live philosophy has gained so much ground that approximately 72% of Floridians now believe that gay people should be allowed to marry. Northeast Florida by contrast still exhibits a stubbornness to change as evidenced by their much lower numbers of support. Despite this, approval numbers for gay marriage are creeping up in this region.

lesbian wedding marriage provider

Can you feel the love?

Once again the issue circles round and should enough signatures be obtained on a petition I myself recently signed, Tallahassee will again be putting this up for a vote in the next battle for supremacy. Eventually this bill WILL pass and gay people will be allowed to marry whom they choose just like everyone else.

Lesbian wedding pride

Taking vows

Lesbian wedding pride - rainbow flag

My darling friends, Jay and Yanira on their wedding day.

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