Gay Marriage – How Do the New Federal Laws Affect You?

The federal government will now recognize gay weddings and you’re wondering what does that mean for you. If you live in a state accepting gay marriages, it means another piece of the puzzle just fell in place. Over time changes will be in place for the IRS to govern how you file joint taxes, healthcare facilities who receive federal money will have to adhere to new rules if they want to keep their gravy train rolling in, and any agency or organization that is monitored or somehow otherwise regulated federally will have to adapt to accommodate the legal changes. It will take time though.

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Here is where you can take heart though. There is a sea change occurring. It’s washing over us and picking up speed. No one has all the answers right now, especially those federal agencies that have to come together and write new rules to accommodate this change. I spoke with Equality Florida today and they have told me that we must be patient for the moment. We must give the agencies time to make the new rules that will govern this federal mandate. They regularly post updates on their website and you can call them for updates at 813-870-3735.

In the meantime, it’s important that we keep this momentum going. Stay involved. Talk to people. Call a Congressperson. Contrary states can only keep their heads buried in the sand for so long. Your state capital doesn’t get to decide who you can marry, only you can do that so keep on keeping on my friends.

Change is coming whether they want like it or not.



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