Do You Stay After the Wedding?

A local wedding officiant serving Jacksonville, FL, St. Augustine, FL and Amelia Island, FL (Fernandina Beach, FL) answers the question of whether she stays after the wedding ceremony, vow renewal ceremony, commitment ceremony or gay wedding ceremony on this FAQ page.

In general I do not stay after your ceremony. Typically I say my goodbyes before the ceremony starts for two reasons. Firstly, I make no presumption of invitation to you intimate special day simply because I am performing the ceremony. Also, my couples are typically off to do photos or surrounded by well wishers right after the service and it doesn’t make sense for me to hunt you down or elbow my way through a crowd to interrupt your activities.

There are times when we are enjoying each others company so much that I am subsequently invited to stay and depending on the circumstances, I have stayed for the post wedding festivities upon this invitation.

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