Commitment Ceremonies Between Men and Women

Commitment ceremonies between men and women can happen for many reasons. They are performed the same as weddings with one exception. I do not file any legal paperwork after. There are many reasons people may choose to go this route and I’m happy to perform your commitment ceremony regardless of reason.

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You would be surprised by the number of non-gay clients I perform commitment ceremonies for. Most are choosing this route over getting married because a legal wedding impacts some important element in their lives.

  • Seniors can’t marry because they’ll lose pensions.
  • For folks receiving disability payments, the combined income if they marry becomes higher than the allowable threshold.
  • Still others may lose insurance benefits or other important coverage.

Whatever your reasons, rest assured it does not impact my ability to perform a commitment ceremony for you. I am happy to be a part of your lovely day and provide service for you. My only goal is that you have a wonderful ceremony.


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