Certificates – Gay Wedding and Lesbian Wedding

Whether you call it a gay wedding, a lesbian wedding, a gay commitment ceremony or a lesbian commitment ceremony, it all means the same. Two people in love are saying “I do.” Every gay couple I serve receives a beautiful wedding ceremony keepsake certificate.

This page shows you all the designs I offer free with your package. Some clients prefer the words “wedding” or “matrimony” or “commitment” so rather than create an example of each, I’ve varied them on the samples here.

You are free to choose a design and substitute the text of a different design in a Mix-and-Match style.

For example of what I mean, choices #13 and #14 are of the same design but use different words. You are free to choose any design then tell me what words you want to use.

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Choice #13 Gay Marriage Certificate Cherubs


Choice #14 Gay cherubs commitment ceremony certificate


Choice #15 antique commitment ceremony certificate


Choice #16 Vintage hands gay marriage certificate


Choice #17 gay wedding certificate


Choice #18 - lesbian commitment ceremony certificate


Choice #19 Tropical design gay wedding certificate


Choice #20 Lesbian Commitment Ceremony Choice