Mazel Tov Jewish Ceremony Tip

The final step in a Jewish wedding ceremony is the traditional stomping of the glass. The last thing you want on your special day is a trip to the ER so to safely perform this step place a light bulb in a tightly tied cloth bag instead of using a piece of glassware. The result… large glass shards, no flying splinters, guaranteed breakage and best of all….no pesky bleeding.

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Glass Breaking


Good for you for reading this article. You are obviously an urbane, hip and very cool person looking for ways to move your wedding forward in an eco-friendly lifestyle.

This is super duper important when having a ceremony at the beach. Beach weddings are so romantic and lovely. It just kills when I see the leftover garbage floating out into the ocean. Big no-nos on Florida beaches are balloon releases (totally verboten in Florida now) and flower petals thrown by flower girls. Do not use paper, fabric or real flower petals (pesticides = bad.) You’re at the beach so why not have her sprinkle shells instead?  Also, be especially vigilant about plastics (bags, etc.) that can get blown away.

Here are some great environmentally friendly ways to conduct your special day courtesy of

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